Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where do you get the low down?

Where do you find out most of your information and who are you most likely to listen to and believe?


  1. well friends are a big part of that but I listen to my teachers a lot. We write in our planners a month ahead in most classes so we know whats going on. There have been times when my friends told me that we have somthing due or that we have a test to take but you have to now who to trust.

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  2. I find out my info from my teachers. Also, my friends tell me inportant dates. mostly it is my teachers. I always write down my hw in my planner.. you really need to look at the board every day. once my teacher put the same thing every day for 6 weeks. then she changed it and i didnt know about it . i had not done my homework but a good thing is that it was due only the next day

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