Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun After Hours-- What can we get into??????

I have heard from lots of you about how you would like us to create ways for you all to be in clubs, sports and other cool stuff after school. Can you tell me what kinds of clubs or sports or other stuff you would like your school to have? If you can tell me the school you go to, that would be great! That way I could tell your principal- you don't have to say your name unless you want to. 

What do you REALLY want to do?

Many of you have commented on what you would like to be when you get older. I have read LOTS of cool comments on career choices.

If we could create your very favorite school or academy where you could go to school and take classes that really interest you, where would you choose to go? For example, would you go to a Music Academy so you could learn to sing or play an instrument? Would you go to a Dance Academy so you could learn to dance different ways? Would you go to a Science and Math Academy so you could learn to be scientists, doctors or astronauts? Would you go to a Leadership Academy so you could be the next President? Tell me what kind of school academy you would create if you could?